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Marilyn Hagerty: Back to school is around the corner

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The weekend arrives with new medical students at UND starting down their long road and reciting the age old Hippocrates Oath. Catfish that escaped the recent tournament here are swimming wildly downstream toward Canada. They want to avoid being caught up around Drayton this weekend. People are beginning to eat corn and let the butter run down their chins.

Then there are parents faced with buying color crayons for another year. The old ones from last year are long gone. I think back to those days of shopping for school supplies. I remember saving money by telling one of my own that a box of 24 was plenty big enough for her. And wouldn't you know—one of the Brusegaard boys showed up with a box of 36.


There were 44 graduates the Class of 1957 at Sacred Heart High School in East Grand Forks. Twenty of them are registered for the 60th reunion Saturday. They'll gather at noon at the Blue Moose.

Down the road a piece—on Sept. 8—St. James High School graduates will look back on 60 years. Though the school is gone, the memories linger on.

In their high school days, music rocked around the clock. And the Statler Brothers sang.


Ask Marilyn

Q. What could an idle person do today?

A. Go to the Alerus Center and check out jobs at an employment fair from noon to 7 p.m. today.

Q. Can you paint over vinyl siding that is beginning to peel off of a house?

A. I'd sure like to know.

Q. What are some of the brightest license plates seen around here recently?


Q. What is the next Canadian holiday coming up?

A. Discovery Day is the third Monday in August. That would be the week after next—on the 21st.

Q. How many parades are the Kem Shriners invited to participate in this summer?

A. According to Shriner Greg Bryson, there are invitations to 33. They extend through an area from Mountain, N.D., to Mayville. Then east to Crookston and north to Karlstad, Minn. The season usually ends with the Potato Bowl and UND homecoming parades.

Q. What is the Hippocrates Oath?

A. A vow physicians have been taking through the ages to vow they will uphold ethics of the profession.


Gail and Paul

Cheerful person of the week: Gail Swanson and Paul Drees.

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