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Marilyn Hagerty: Still plenty of summer left in August

Dear Sandy,

The hill is steep. The reward is great.

I go sometimes on summer evenings to sit on the bench behind my lift station on Belmont Road. I check to be sure all is well. Occasionally, I climb the hill behind the station to look out over the Red River.

And then I talk to the river. This is the time of year when the river seems at peace. The catfish tournament is over. There is a hint of change in the air. There is the murmur of a new school year. Maybe summer is on the wane, but it is far from over.

I have been thinking of you and wondering how you are faring in Tucson during the summer. I know you and Earl decided for family reasons to make it your year-round home.

You know this is the time when tomatoes are ripening on the vine, and corn is coming in from the gardens. The Sons of Norway are holding their own corn feed Thursday. Then they are serving more at their place on Friday. This will be for visiting Norwegians who will be staying at the Hilton Garden Inn for what they call a Hallingdal meeting.

Kale is making its way into the goodness from area gardens. It comes along with tomatoes, green beans and corn. The bounty is showing up increasingly on Saturdays at the downtown farmer's market in Grand Forks.


The joys of August continue with around 1,800 motorcyclists and car drivers holding passports to meet the Ride the Valley Challenge. ... It's 100 days with 100 stops within a 100-mile radius of Grand Forks. ... Net proceeds will go to benefit Jason Stadstad Youth Boosters of Manvel.

You would be amazed at the names of some of the places they stop! There's the Zoo at Drayton, the One N Only at Euclid, Minn., and the Bee Hive at Reynolds.

Summer reunions are never over until they are over. ... And the classes of 1977 from Red River and Central are planning 40th reunions on the weekend of Sept. 15.


Out and about, the fun of summer goes on. This Sunday, there's the second annual Hill Climb motorcycle event at Walhalla. Shawn Jelinek says it's fun on the local scene to see who can go fastest over the Brick Mine Hill. It's about 750 feet.

There were 80 contestants last year, and they are hoping for 80 to 90 this year.

I hope you have found cool things to do in the summer in Arizona. We know we need to enjoy these days as they flow along.

Best wishes from your friend, Marilyn.

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