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Marilyn Hagerty: Dads' words hold true over the years

Dads come in all shapes, sizes and ages. Their day is coming on Sunday. And we all remember things our fathers would say.

My own father used to look at me sternly when I was getting out of hand. He would then say, "Don't get canary, or I will make you sing."

When he was learning to drive, Brandon Vandervort says his father had some good advice. "Don't turn the corner until you get there."

Liz Eggers remembers words from her father, the late Elton Skarperud. He would tell her: "Be nice to everyone."


I don't know if Confucius had any children. If was around he would have something to say. Probably, "He who takes good care of the peonies coming into bloom might be a winner at the Peony Show.''

Summer marks its official debut Wednesday. The garden tour, plant sale and peony show are coming up June 24 and 25.


Trials and tribulations of June 2017 on the national scene seem small when you turn back the pages of the Herald 100 years.

In June of 1917, 1,159 men of Grand Forks answered the call for the U.S. They were enrolled on the list the Herald said "from which will be chosen the greatest army America has ever assembled."

And the Herald ran the complete list of names.

In 1917, American troops began landing in France. The armistice was accepted by Germany on Nov. 11, 1918.

Life went on here in North Dakota 100 years ago. Benner and Begg store was holding a hand bag sale. And Frederick Hotel was described as the place for good things to eat. The Grand Theater was showing Fatty Arbuckle in "The Butcher Boy."

The University awarded 182 degrees in June of 1917.


Nick and Helen

Cheerful people of the week: Nick Jensen and Helen Evans.

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