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56-year-old injured in Walsh County crash dies

AWESOME AUTHORS: Circus dog’s tale is silly, inspirational

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Book: “Extraordinary Jane”

Author/Illustrator: Hannah E. Harrison

This is about a dog who wants to be special in the circus. His family members all had special talents, and he didn’t have a talent.

I loved this story! I loved it because I love the part when the dog was just ordinary, but that was good enough. I think other kids should read this because it’s silly and it is about a puppy. Kids like puppies.

—     Bryanna Barkhouse, age 7

Book provides how-to for lots of fun at the beach

Book: “All You Need for a Beach”

Author: Alice Schertle

Illustrator: Barbara Lavallee

This book was about all the things you need to make a beach and to have fun at a beach, like lots of sand, water, lemonade, sunglasses and beach toys. I really liked this book because I like going to the beach, too.

I liked the pictures in the book. It reminds me of summer.

I think other kids would like this book if they like beaches. I think that people who are good at reading should read this book.

—     Arista Welsh, age 7