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REVIEW: Rollers help give hair volume

As a transplanted Texas girl, I sometimes feel the need to get back to my Lone Star roots.

Texas girls’ world-wide reputation for big hair may not be as founded as it was in the ’80s, but we still know our way around a can of hairspray.

Personally, I like a more understated take on the rodeo queen look. Soft, loose curls are a must with just enough body for a little height without teasing or backcombing.

My mom always said you shouldn’t look like all your beauty came out of a can, so I keep it as natural and simple as possible.

To do that, I use a little set of 10 Remington ceramic rollers.

The larger ones are about 1.5 inches in diameter. I use these on the top layer of my hair for body and lift. Then I use the smaller, 1-inch ones for a tighter curl close to my face and on the bottom layer of my hair.

They heat up quickly, so my husband spends less time waiting for me to get ready.

That’s good for everyone.

I let them set as long as I can. It’s best to take them out when the rollers are cool, but, if you don’t have time for that, just spray a little extra hairspray on each curl and try not to touch them until they’re cool and dry.

They work best when my hair is cut layers with the longest stands at my shoulders. It’s a massive understatement to say that I have a lot of hair, so, for most people, they should work great on longer hair as well.

Now that my hair is longer (past my shoulder blades), 10 rollers isn’t quite enough so I use a 1-inch curling iron too.

The soft case the rollers come in is also great, because it makes it easy to toss them in my suitcase when I need to go out of town. There’s no cracking or breaking the case and the rollers and clips stay together.

I’ve been using my set for years, but you can buy them at Walmart for just $15. Invest in a good can of extra-hold hairspray, and you’ve got everything you need for your own world-famous Texas hairdo.

Grade: A

Walmart, $15