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REVIEW: Facial clay mask keeps skin fresh

As I read InStyle’s guidelines to maintain a healthy glow at any age, I realize with each volume of the magazine, I inch closer to a new bracket of adjusted facial upkeep routines. I’m advised to invest in some anti-wrinkle and age-defying serums to prepare for what the professionals tell me is the initial downturn in my complexion — just a short year away.

A creature of habit, I’ve used the same facial scrub since I was 12 years old. I’ve changed up my moisturizers, but always come back to the basic oil-free staple that has been used on my face for years. Though simple, these two products cannot be solely responsible for the normally bump-free face I’ve tried tirelessly to maintain. With the help of my favorite weekly beauty routine necessity, Freeman’s Avocado and Oatmeal Facial Clay Mask, I’ve been able to give my face a boost with just 15 minutes every Monday evening before bed.

The thick mask is soothing on sensitive and tough skin alike, but always manages to produce a clean, smooth palette for another week of continuous beatings from the sun, makeup, oils and dirt.

With its hydrating abilities, skin doesn’t feel completely stripped of its natural oil and moisture, either.

Another coup this masterful pore-purging mask offers is the ability to spot-treat any blemishes overnight. Time and again I’ve used this mask on embarrassing red bumps during the week and have noticed significant reduction in blemishes in only a few hours.

With its natural ingredients of avocado oil, oatmeal and kaolin clay, this mask is recommended for all skin types.

I would suggest allowing the light green product to perform while out of public view, however. Let’s just say I’ve experienced a certain amount of ridicule from a certain couple of brothers over the years, poking fun at my beauty regime. But the results are worth the mockery, and I’m confident the mask will allow me to maintain my current age bracket of InStyle-suggested beauty routines, even as I grow into the next.

Grade: A+

Target, $3.99