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APPSNAP: Solar: A minimalist’s weather app


If you’re sick of complicated weather apps, Solar might be for you.

Solar’s design is minimal, but all the necessary information is there with simple interactive elements.

After downloading, the app will run the user through a quick tutorial. The instructions are simple: swipe up for the 24-hour forecast, swipe down for a three-day forecast, swipe left to add a city, double tap to view all cities, and tap and hold to share the weather.

That’s it.

Unlike the built-in iPhone weather app, Solar displays only the current temperature on its home screen rather than five-hour and five-day forecast. Solar also doesn’t include the humidity, chance of rain or wind speed.

Solar keeps things simple. My favorite feature is the 24-hour forecast, which the user sees by slowly (or quickly) swiping upward. The user controls how fast or slow they want to see the forecast. If they want to jump ahead 12 hours, they can do so; and if they want to see the forecast for each hour, they can do so. And, not only will the temperature change with the hours, but the background will change as well. A blue and yellow background indicates a sunny morning or afternoon, while a gray background indicates a gloomy night. The app also shows rain and overcast sky.

Solar also keeps its setting options very limited. Users can choose whether they’d like to view the real temp or “feels like” temp and Celsius or Fahrenheit.

The only downfall with Solar is that the menu button seems to disappear sometimes and cannot be located. But, it’s a small glitch. Overall, Solar is simple, easy to use and accurate.

If you like the extra features and fun facts offered with some apps, you might not like Solar. But if you’re a minimalist, it just might be the perfect weather app for you. 

Jasmine Maki
Jasmine Maki is a features reporter for Accent. Her main beats are arts and entertainment and life and style. She also occasionally covers health, family and TV.
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