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PRODUCT REVIEW: Hawaiian Tropic after sun moisturizer

Every summer, the sun and I have a battle of wits, and I usually lose.

I drown myself in sunscreen, and somehow I still get burned almost every year.

It’s pretty sneaky, that sun. I’ve been burned through car windows, in funny shapes I missed applying sunscreen and by the reflection of UV rays off water, metal, glass and snow.

If you can think of a way to possibly get sunburned, it’s happened to my paper-white skin.

It can take as little as 15 minutes outside for my skin to turn hot pink.

Once the inevitable burn fades, my skin goes right back to its original pigment — no base tan for me, so repeat burns and burns on top of burns are a common occurrence.

So while I continue to coat myself in sunscreen, I’ve stepped up my game. Now I’ve figured out how to help my skin recover more quickly, with less pain.

Enter Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Moisturizer. For just $7 at Walmart, the 16-ounce pump bottle will easily last all summer.

After my first and worst burn of the summer so far, I used the lotion pretty generously. A sunburn that would have taken at least a week to heal faded painlessly in two days.

I even used it on my face, which I was nervous about doing since it’s scented, but it worked well and

didn’t cause a breakout.

The “lime colada” scent is subtle, fresh and sweet, but not too sweet.

Even when I’m not burned, this lotion is quickly becoming a part of my daily routine because it leaves my skin smooth and hydrated, and it’s not greasy or heavy like some other scented lotions.

Overall, if you’re a little on the pale side and looking to go outside without a full-body covering, I think it’s a worthwhile product to have on hand.

Grade: A