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AppSnap: Pacer proves to be the pedometer app that works

5 out of 5 stars

My days of physical fitness seemed far behind me when I traded in running shoes and an active lifestyle for the more sedentary ways of office employment.

But an app I’ve been using for a couple of months has made it easier than ever to hold myself accountable and find ways to get more activity into my daily routine, even if it’s just a  few extra steps at a time.

Pacer isn’t the only smartphone-based activity tracker, and there’s stiff competition on both the iOS and Google Play stores in this market.

Still, it’s become a go-to app on my iPhone because of its reliability, ease of use and low price, and it’s far superior to the other glitchy pedometer apps I’ve tried in the past.

I first downloaded Pacer after a friend suggested I try it instead of the clip-on pedometer I’d stopped using after a few days because it wouldn’t accurately track my daily steps.

The biggest selling point for me was the price – a free version with limited features was all I needed. I still haven’t upgraded, though I won’t have to pay much to get more features like a more comprehensive activity logger ($1.99), a walk for weight loss plan ($4.99) or a premium data backup package ($12.99).

I had my doubts because other free pedometer apps I’ve tried in the past drained my battery, were difficult to use and often seemed inaccurate.

None of those issues has been a problem with Pacer, which seems to do a good job of correctly counting the number of steps I take from day to day, even if my phone isn’t clipped to my belt or in my pocket.

The free version keeps track of my daily step count and allows me to easily look at my steps over the past seven days. Swipe to another screen and I can quickly see more information about the current day’s activity, including the number of minutes I was active, how many calories I burned and how close I am to meeting the goal of 10,000 steps per day.

Pacer packs more features than I need or want, even in its free version, and it’s proven to be an invaluable replacement to the other pedometers I’ve tried.

Because of the app’s nonstop logging of my steps (as long as I’m carrying my phone), I’ve noticed I’m walking more than ever these days, and I often try to park a little farther from stores and work so I can get some extra steps for the day.

Every little bit counts, and even just boosting my daily average a couple thousand steps has allowed me to lose a few pounds without feeling like I’m working out or stuck in a strict exercise plan.

There’s a reason millions of people have downloaded Pacer, and anyone who wants to get more physical fitness into their daily routines with minimal hassle or effort should try out the free version.

Ryan Johnson

Ryan Johnson has been a Forum reporter since 2012 and previously wrote for the Grand Forks Herald.

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