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APP SNAP: ND Roads: Track road conditions on the go

ND Roads app

Whether it’s due to snow, flooding or construction, there’s bound to be a road or two closed in North Dakota, despite the season. And, the free app ND Roads will let you know just what they are are and how long they’ll be closed.

The app works like any other road map using different colored roads to mark the traveling conditions. Like a spotlight, green means go, the road conditions are safe. A blue and gray road means the roads have scattered wetness. And, a solid blue line means the roads are wet. Users can click each road to get more information about the location, condition, travel speeds and precipitation.

The app also has the option to view current closures and incidents, work zones and warnings by text or map.

By clicking the routes tab on the home screen, users can quickly discover the road conditions from one popular destination to the next, for example Fargo to Grand Forks or Grand Forks to Manitoba.

The only downside is that, despite our close proximity to the Minnesota and Canadian border, this app is only focused on North Dakota roads. So, if you’re traveling to Thief River Falls, Bemidji or Winnipeg, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

But, the app does include little information icons at each border, which includes a link to find the bordering state or territory’s road conditions.

Overall, ND Roads is easy to use, incredibly helpful and definitely worth the free download if you ever need to check the road conditions before a road trip.

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