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BOOK NOTES: “I Just Graduated…Now What?” ... “Letter Composed During a Lull in the Fighting” ... “Fairy Garden Handbook”

(Grand Forks: "Letter Composed During a Lull in the Fighting" by Kevin Powers)1 / 2
(East Grand Forks: "Empty Mansions" by Bill Dedman)2 / 2

Grand Forks Public Library

  •  “I Just Graduated…Now What?” by Katherine Schwarzenegger. Collected from over thirty of America’s most successful professionals, Schwarzenegger offers today’s college grads seasoned advice on taking their next big step.   
  •  “Letter Composed During a Lull in the Fighting” by Kevin Powers. From Iraq War veteran and author of “The Yellow Birds,” this collection of resonating poems captures the striking yet everyday moments in the life of an American soldier.
  •  “Fairy Garden Handbook” by Liza Gardner Walsh. With spring upon us, this introductory guide offers the perfect inspiration and insight for anyone, especially children, looking to start their own fairy-inspired garden.
  •  “One Thousand Years of Manga” by Brigitte Koyama-Richard. Beautifully illustrated and comprehensive, Koyama-Richard documents the centuries old history of comic art, or manga, in Japanese culture.
  • East Grand Forks Campbell Library

    •  “Empty Mansions” by Bill Dedman reveals a complex portrait of the mysterious Huguette and her intimate circle. It is an enthralling story of an eccentric of the highest order, a last jewel of the Gilded Age who lived life on her own terms.
    •  “Great Houses of Summit Avenue and the Hill District” by Karen Melvin brings you St. Paul’s Summit Avenue, grande dame of Victorian boulevards, which is lined with magnificent turn-of- the-century mansions built by railroad magnates, lumber barons and captains of industry.
    •  “You Must Remember This” by Robert J. Wagner tells of stories from a dinner party at Clifton Webb’s to golf games with Fred Astaire. Wagner shares his affectionate memories and anecdotes about the places and personalities that have all become part of Hollywood legend.
    •  “Hogs in the Shadows: Marine Snipers in Action” by Milo S. Afong tells about soldiers who are HOGs—a Hunter of Gunman. These stories give firsthand accounts of just how dangerous Iraq can be.