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BOOK NOTES: “A Breast Cancer Alphabet” ... “Every Day Is for the Thief” ... “Essential Road Bike Maintenance Handbook”

(Grand Forks: "A Breast Cancer Alphabet" by Madhulika Sikka)

Grand Forks Public Library

“A Breast Cancer Alphabet” by Madhulika Sikka. A radio executive shares her journey from diagnosis to treatment in twenty-six vignettes, from Anxiety to the search for a full night of Zs.

“Every Day Is for the Thief” by Teju Cole. “Oyinbo,” the merchants of Lagos call after Cole’s narrator. “White man.” A novella about the elusiveness of home as a Nigerian doctor returns to Africa after fifteen years in New York.

“Essential Road Bike Maintenance Handbook” by Todd Downs. With warmer weather here at last, this compact, thoughtfully illustrated guide will walk you through tuning up your brakes, wheels, and drivetrain.

“The Second Machine Age” by Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee. Two economists from MIT argue that the automation of knowledge work will put new conveniences at our fingertips, but also make it harder for many of us to earn a living.

“Illegal” by José Ángel Conchello. An undocumented immigrant steps out of the shadows to explain how he pursued an education and built a family, always one wrong move away from deportment.

East Grand Forks Campbell Library

“Investigating a Crime Scene” by Tamra B. Orr teaches kids all about the process of investigating a crime scene. Encouraging them to use the scientific method as they go, Orr teaches kids about following the clues, asking questions, gathering alibis and more.

“Mad Scientists: The Not-So-Crazy Work of Amazing Scientists” by Sally Lee encompasses a wide variety of crazy antics that scientists used in the quest for scientific answers. From breathing poisonous gases to creating two-headed dogs, read about the real things that scientists have done for results.

“Projects You Aren’t Supposed to Know About” by Jennifer Swanson is a book for curious-minded kids who want to learn about top secret science. Some of the scary topics include; deadly bombs, human experiments, and black ops.

“The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire” by Steven Otfinoski tells of one of the worst factory fires in history. You’ll learn about what caused the tragic fire in the early 1900s, why so many people were unable to escape, and what important safety laws were passed as a result.