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AppSnap: Refresh helps you gain insight on people you meet

The free app Refresh allows users to gain insights about the people they meet.

Five out of five stars.

Have you ever gone to an interview unprepared, or been on a date and had nothing to talk about?

The new app Refresh might be just what you need.

The free app for iOS gives users insight on the people they’ll be meeting by pulling information from their social networks. But, the app goes one step further by giving users actual data about the person’s favorite band, their college, their hometown and any possible connections the user might have with them.

But, the app does so much more than allowing users to easily “creep” on potential dates and hiring managers.

The app connects with the user’s calendar, so they can easily view their appointments and get insight on the people they’re about to meet all within the same app.

My favorite part of this app, though, is the follow-up tab and notes tab. Under the follow-ups tab, users can make notes for themselves to check back with someone they’ve met, send a thank-you note or email more information. And, under the notes tab, users can add more information about the people they’ve just met. This might include how many kids or pets they have, what their interests include, funny stories they told or their past trips. Users can even categorize this information within the tab to keep it neat and organized.

The only problem I have with this app is that it can be difficult to identify the correct person, especially when they have a common name like John Smith or Andrew Anderson. But, I’m not sure there’s any way around that.

Overall, the app is top-notch and full of useful real-world applications. If you’re meeting with new people multiple times a week, Refresh is worth the free download to help you keep track of everyone. After all, you wouldn’t want to mix up a Gopher fan with a UND graduate.

Jasmine Maki
Jasmine Maki is a features reporter for Accent. Her main beats are arts and entertainment and life and style. She also occasionally covers health, family and TV.
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