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AppSnap: FridgePoems: Write poems on the go

The free app FridgePoems sparks users creativity by providing magnetic words sets to create poetry.

Remember those little word magnets you wrote silly poems with on your fridge when you were a kid? Well, the new app FridgePoems brings back that childhood fun in digital form.

The free app for iOS gives users a new set of magnetic words every day, along with a digital fridge for them to stick their poems to. Users move words around with simple touch-and-slide movements and arrange them however they would like. To clear their fridge and start fresh, they can click the undo button on the bottom left.

When they’re satisfied with their creation, users can click the camera button in the top right corner to save the poem to their gallery. From there, they can share their creation with the world via text message, Facebook or email. By sharing poems, users can unlock new themed word packs to create even more poems.

Users can view their poems from the home screen by clicking the gallery button in the top right corner. There is no limit to how many poems one can create and save on FridgePoems.

For added fun, users can customize their fridge and background color and buy additional word packs to spark more creativity.

My only problems with the app are that users cannot fully zoom out to view all of the words at the same time, and users cannot select and move multiple magnets at once, which makes the process a little time consuming. But, then again, poetry is written in an instant, and moving around the screen helps ensure the best choice of words.

So, if you’re looking for a little inspiration or just something to pass the time, FridgePoems is worth a download. You never know, those little magnets just might spark a genius idea.

Jasmine Maki
Jasmine Maki is a features reporter for Accent. Her main beats are arts and entertainment and life and style. She also occasionally covers health, family and TV.
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