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PRODUCT REVIEW: Colgate Optic White Toothbrush with Whitening Pen

Colgate Optic White Toothbrush with Whitening Pen

Even though I brush my teeth twice a day, the amount of damaging, sweet and acidic things my teeth endure is certainly some form of torture for my enamel, which is why I’m always trying new products to keep them white and sparkly. After seeing the Colgate Optic White toothbrush with built-in whitening pen, I was certain Colgate was speaking directly to me, so gave it a go.

The item is a basic toothbrush with a larger handle, which houses the whitening pen. Of course, Colgate recommends using the matching Optic White toothpaste that I recently tried, but found to be less than worthless.

As I brushed my teeth with my go-to toothpaste of choice, the whitening pen continuously popped out of the handle of the toothbrush and fell into the sink. Eventually, I gave up and left the whitening pen on the counter.

After brushing, I flossed and prepared for the pen.

With an angled tip and soft rubbery bristles, the whitening pen is anything but frightening. Two quick turns of the bottom of the stick and the whitening gel oozes out of the top for application. As directed, I applied two clicks of gel to my top teeth and gently massaged them in a circular motion to coat each tooth, but two clicks only covers about three teeth. I give another click to the bottom of the pen just to coat the remaining teeth on top and continue on to the bottom teeth, where I found I also need about three or four clicks instead of the recommended two.

After wiping the pen bristles clean for the next use, I successfully placed it inside the toothbrush and set the contraption in my toothbrush holder.

As the commercials and packaging say, after application, I am good to go forward with a normal day. But holding a conversation after applying the sticky substance to my teeth was anything but normal. The goo moved mostly to my lips and felt like a thinner peanut butter-substance was stuck in my mouth, which made me look to the ground or cover my mouth as I spoke.

At this point, there are no directions on withholding food or drink, but I waited 30 minutes just to be safe.

I continued using the toothbrush and pen for the next five days and found minimal to no change in the whitening of my teeth. (Colgate promises a difference in two days with regular use). I also experienced extreme discomfort while eating and while at rest. Needless to say, I’ve stopped using the whitening altogether, but I do enjoy the clean feeling after using the brush. Though I wouldn’t recommend this product at $12.99 (at Target) just to have clean teeth. Colgate has great brushes for a steal without the added pain and embarrassment of the horrible ooze pen.

Grade: F