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Helpful Hint: Hang sweaters without creating shoulder bumps

FARGO — I love warm, cozy sweaters, which is a good thing, because I live in one of the country’s coldest cities.

But those warm, cozy sweaters are big, bulky and a challenge to store.

Fold them and put them in a dresser drawer, and they take up too much space. Hang them in the closet, and their shoulders get stretched out, especially if you don’t wear them for a while.

Solution: Don’t hang them like you would a T-shirt.

I found a tutorial online that shows how to hang a sweater without creating embarrassing bumps.

Follow these three steps to sweater preservation:

1. Start by folding the sweater in half length-wise, front to back.

2. Place the hanger in the armpit of the sweater, hook down.

3. Fold the waist over one side of the hanger and the sleeves over the other.


Meredith Holt

Meredith Holt is a features/business reporter for The Forum who covers topics in health, mental health, social issues, women's issues, arts and entertainment, food and more. She also writes a column on health and wellness, body image and media representationShe was a copy editor/page designer for six years prior to joining the features team in March 2012.

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