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5 phone tips you may not know about

Android and iPhone are two of the most popular phones, mostly because of their many functions. But with all those functions, some are bound to be slightly less familiar to users. Here’s a list of five phone features you may not know about.


1. When the iPhone’s battery is running low, there are several settings that can be turned off to conserve power. Some examples are “Wi-Fi,” “Bluetooth,” “Location Services” (under “Privacy”) and “Auto-Brightness” (under “Brightness & Wallpaper”).

2. To undo or redo typing, simply shake the iPhone and the options will pop up.

3. If all of the camera’s pictures are turning out blurry, try holding the camera button down while the shot is set up. The iPhone won’t take the picture until the button is released.

4. When typing punctuation and symbols, there is a shortcut to replace pressing the “123” button and switching menus on the keyboard. Just hold the “123” button and slide your finger over to one of the symbols. Upon release, the symbol will have been typed and the keyboard will still be on the letters menu.

5. Use the iPhone headphone remote to take a photo (by pressing volume up) and answer or reject an incoming call (by pressing the center button).



1. In order to conserve battery for the Droid, try going into “Settings,” “About phone,” and then “Battery use” in order to find out what is using the largest amount of power. Or, still under “Settings,” go to “Wireless controls” and “Mobile networks” and select “Use only 2G networks.”

2. When receiving a call that you can’t answer at the time, swipe up and pick from several pre-made messages, such as “Can’t talk now. What’s up?” or “I’ll call you later.” There’s also an option to write a custom one. The Droid will send the message to the person calling.

3. To shorten typing time for long phrases, use the text expansion option. Look under “Personal dictionary” in “Settings.” When adding a new word or phrase, there will be an option to create a shortcut. With shortcuts, longer phrases will show up as autocorrect suggestions when the shortcuts are typed.

4. To add contact information to the lock screen, go to “Settings,” “Screen security,” then “Owner info.” This provides a way to get ahold of you if you lose your Droid and someone recovers it.

5. To review pictures faster, pinch the screen inward to view the pictures lined up, and swipe up to delete any.