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STREETSTYLE: Tim Ell: Coordinated and confident

Tim Ell

His co-workers say he’s always well-dressed, but Ell doesn’t take credit for his fashion sense. He credits his wife who helps him shop for new pieces. But, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t understand the importance of being well-dressed.

“If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you perform well,” he said.

Ell added that I caught him on a bad day as beige isn’t his favorite color. He typically prefers brighter tops in different shades of purple and blue. But, with a green patterned tie and gray slacks, his look was perfect for a day at work.

How would you describe your style for work?

“It’s just what my wife picks out when we’re shopping. Really, she has all the style. I just kind of pick out what I have in the closet every morning. If I have a blue shirt on, I might choose a silver tie, or black goes with everything.”

Do you wear any accessories aside from ties?

“Sometimes, I have a tie bar or tie tack. I don’t do it every single day. I try to mix it up because you don’t want to wear the same every single day when you have people coming in.”

Is there a signature piece or color that you always wear?

“I don’t know why, but I love purple. I like purple and blue a lot. I have quite a few purple shirts and ties.”

Where do you typically shop?

“Every time I go home to Bismarck, I shop at Men’s Warehouse, or if I go to the cities, I go to stores there to see what they have.”

Is there anything you’re currently craving?

“I can’t think of anything I have a pretty wide selection right now.”

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