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APPSNAP: One Love My Plan: Monitor abusive relationships

Five out of five stars.

One in four women will experience domestic violence during her lifetime, according to The free app One Love My Plan is attempting to lower those statistics by helping women identify abusive relationships.

The app is broken up into five sections: myths about relationship violence, about my relationship, my safety, my priorities and my plan.

In the first section, users are presented with a number of phrases such as “At least my partner isn’t hitting me” and “I must be doing something to make my partner mad.” When users click a phrase that applies to them, a new myth about relationship violence is revealed. The goal is to point out signs of abuse and help women think about their own relationships.

In the second section, users are asked specific yes or no questions about their relationship such as, “Are you spending less time with friends?” and “Does your partner make you feel guilty?” Every “Yes” indicates a red flag.

The third section asks the user about her particular situation and partner to determine whether or not she is safe. At the end of the questionnaire, the user is assigned a score from variable danger to extreme danger, and the appropriate resources and advice is provided.

The fourth section helps the user assess her priorities by presenting two aspects of one’s life and having her choose which is more important. The final section helps users develop a plan of action for their situation.

Throughout each step, the app provides plenty of useful information for identifying the red flags in a relationship, determining the level of safety and creating a plan of action. It’s simple, easy-to-navigate and informative. Information is saved from one use to the next, but it can also be edited to reassess a situation or evaluate a new relationship.

The app also requires a four-digit pin to open and access information, which is helpful for those concerned about privacy and safety.

Whether you or a friend is in a questionable relationship, One Love My Plan can provide some useful insight and advice on how to handle the situation, and a download may save a life.

Jasmine Maki
Jasmine Maki is a features reporter for Accent. Her main beats are arts and entertainment and life and style. She also occasionally covers health, family and TV.
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