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AREA BOOKS: Fargo native releases ‘Avenge the Maine!”

“Avenge the Maine! John Kinne’s War” by John Kinne; Puzzlebox Press, 2014, 211 pages


John Durand has released his newest book, “Avenge the Maine! John Kinne’s War,” which is based on the diary of John Kinne, a soldier in the Spanish-American War.

In the introduction, Durand describes how Kinne eventually became a physician and lead an ambulance battalion in World War I. But “Avenge the Maine!” follows the changes he underwent during his service.

Kinne grew up in Fargo and left high school to join the army. He served with the 1st North Dakota Volunteer Infantry and earned the Medal of Honor. He is now honored with other Medal of Honor winners in Minot’s Roosevelt Park.

After the war, one of the men from Kinne’s regiment preserved Kinne’s diary in a typescript. Durand used this while writing “The Boys: 1st North Dakota Volunteers in the Philippines,” and decided afterwards to write “Avenge the Maine!” in order to do justice to the importance of Kinne’s work.

Durand has added photos, maps, footnotes, and many “Background” sections to provide more historical context to Kinne’s story. There is also an index of the members of Kinne’s Company B, numbering almost 60.

“Avenge the Maine!” can be purchased from Puzzlebox Press. The cost is $19 with shipping. For more information, visit