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DO-IT-YOURSELF: Make a sand art terrarium

If any of you have a case of the winter blahs, here’s a way to add some color to your home or workspace with this DIY terrarium.


  • Clear container (fishbowl, Mason jar or vase)
  • Colored, floral sand (At least two colors to alternate, add more for desired effect. Can purchase from Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, bottle sizes depend on container size)
  • Plant of your choice (cactus or Succulent plants work well)


1. Fill bottom of clear container with a layer of rocks.

2. Pour one color of sand into container. Alternate colors to your liking.

3. When container is about halfway full, remove plant from planter.

3. Gently massage soil on palm, allowing excess to fall. Take care not to damage plant’s roots. Burrow plant into sand in terrarium.

4. Add more layers of sand to cover plant’s roots. Follow plant watering instructions.