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PRODUCT REVIEW: Maybelline’s Color Show Nail Lacquer Polka Dots

Maybelline's new Polka Dots nail color is a great find, though it can be difficult to remove. Photo by Melinda Lavine, Accent Editor.1 / 2
Maybelline Polka Dots in Blue Marks The Spot.2 / 2

This product immediately caught my eye. It comes in a thick, round bottle that grabs your attention. At first, I was a bit apprehensive because the bottle design blocks your view to the polish. I took “the risk,” and I’m glad I did.

Unlike glitter polishes, the polka dots are more like tiny, black and white confetti and they come in different sizes which varies the end result. The nail polish is rich in color, so I didn’t have to use several coats. (Thin polish is kind of a deal breaker.)

I wouldn’t need to paint over a base color, but I chose to do a quick ombre effect over a darker shade of blue. I painted one layer of clear polish, two layers of a base color (Maybelline Blue Bombshell) and topped it with my polka dots. The end result: My nails were a bit snazzy, and I loved how the polka dots popped — especially the white ones.

One downside to this product — and potentially any like this — it was a bit difficult to remove. Rubbing nail polish remover cut the polish but left the confetti, and adding more nail polish remover made my nails feel drier afterward. So, the second time I used this product, I added two clear coats before adding the polka dot polish. That made it easier to remove later.

With all the coats of clear and polka dot polish I use, I may not be saving that much time compared to a nail art design. But if you’re like me and want a comparable look without all the intricate work, for $2.99 at Target, this is worth a try.  

Grade: A