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DO-IT-YOURSELF: Craft a bro-quet for Valentine’s Day

Men can sometimes be the most difficult to shop for, especially for special occasions like Valentine’s Day. This man bouquet, or bro-quet recipe is easy, cute and you can fill it with practical items he can use.


Metal pail, basket or pot

Styrofoam ball (buy size to fit your pail/pot)

Wooden dowels or kabob sticks (number depends on gift items)

Scotch tape


Green and Valentine’s themed gift paper

Assorted gifts based on the man: Dri-fit T-shirt, boxer briefs, candy bars, small bottle of his favorite drink, necktie, travel bottle of his aftershave, etc.


1. Place dowels into your basket/pot/pail to see if they’re the right height. Trim down to various heights to achieve “flower” look.

2. Next step depends on gifts. Clothing item: Tightly curl it around wooden dowel and tape securely. Small plastic bottle: Place dowel behind item and fasten together with tape. (Tip: Tape about halfway down bottle to ensure it is secure and tape is less visible.) Follow these steps with candy bars.

3. Place Styrofoam ball in pot/pail/basket.

4. Ensure all items are securely taped and not overly heavy. Insert each into Styrofoam ball, taking care items are facing the same direction.

5. Optional: Wrap wooden dowels in green gift paper and tape. (This reinforces the “bouquet” theme.)

6. Cover Styrofoam with Valentine’s Day gift paper. Feel free to tape a sweet note onto a wooden dowel and place it in the bouquet, or lay it in pot/pail/basket.