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RYAN BAKKEN: Test cerebral power with the Super Bowl of news quizzes

Ryan Bakken

Today finds the Super Bowl of professional football and the Super Bowl of news quizzes. Yes, today's January News Quiz is a super test of your cerebral power.

January had so much news that the quiz's omissions include the Minnesota Timberwolves, who became respectable on the basketball court, and the Minnesota gray wolves, who became fair game in the wild.

Also not qualifying were the talks about what Grand Forks schools to close ending with a recommendation to add another one.

The omissions also include the encouraging news for us pleasingly plump guys about baseball player Prince Fielder receiving a $214 million contract despite his tonnage.

So, please proceed to see what news did or didn't make the quiz.

1. What was President Obama's main point during his State of the Union address?

A) The American dream is at peril.

B) Taxes should be raised on millionaires.

C) Government should be more active.

D) Osama bin Laden is still dead.

2. What is Mitt Romney's big appeal to Republican primary voters?

A) His business background.

B) His moral values.

C) His potential to defeat President Obama.

D) If the United States gets into financial trouble, Romney can float the country a loan from his private stash.

3. Why is Newt Gingrich an unlikely contender for the Republican presidential nomination?

A) He worked for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, which Republicans detest.

B) He resigned his House leadership role in disgrace.

C) He has been out of the public eye for 13 years.

D) He's taken several "hikes on the Appalachian Trail."

4. Why did UND set a spring enrollment record?

A) Growth in graduate school students.

B) Growth in transfers.

C) High retention of students.

D) Word about our tropical winter spread across the globe.

5. An Olive Garden opened in Grand Forks, offering:

A) Fine Italian food.

B) Seating for 246.

C) Jobs for 165.

D) Waits of one hour.

6. What was January's sports highlight?

A) New England Patriots and New York Giants reached the Super Bowl.

B) North Dakota State won national football title.

C) UND upset NDSU in men's basketball.

D) The "Sioux suck" and "racist blowhards" comments, proving once and for all that a rivalry no longer exists between the two schools.

7. Why was race car driver Mark Dobmeier named Herald Sportsperson of the Year?

A) He was the dominant driver at the local track.

B) He won on every circuit he raced.

C) He shined at the Knoxville Nationals, the Super Bowl of spring car racing.

D) He shined at the Dancing for the Special Stars, the Super Bowl of dance competitions.

8. What is the best proof of our mild weather the past five months?

A) Red River Valley is suffering a moderate drought.

B) Chance of major flooding in the spring placed at 1 percent.

C) Average daily temperature since Sept. 1 is two degrees above previous record.

D) Local residents smell like Coppertone.

9. Why is the price of gas expected to exceed $4 a gallon this year?

A) Because the price started the year at $3.25, the highest in history.

B) Because the price averages a 36 percent increase from Jan. 1 to summer.

C) Because 2011's average price was the highest in history.

D) Because we'll pay it.

10. How is the Obama administration cutting military costs?

A) Reducing our presence in Europe.

B) Pulling out of Iraq.

C) Shrinking the size of the Army and Marine Corps.

D) The Barney Fife Rule -- one bullet per gun.

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