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Marilyn Hagerty: Kids keep memory of flood alive

Dear Alex Berglund,

You weren't even born when the flood of 1997 flowed over Greater Grand Forks. But you have heard about it all your life. And now at age 15 you are the youngest of the cast members who will show us on stage what you all know about THE FLOOD.

Your SPA Company show, called "Keep the Faith," starts Friday for a weekend run in the Performance Hall at Red River.

You will portray a nerdy student who keeps calling up the school. You keep asking when the chess club will meet. What about the internet club?


April is moving along, and I see the honors banquet for graduating seniors is scheduled next Monday at the Alerus Center. Then comes the prom on April 29 at Red River. Central High School prom is on May 6.

You probably are too young for prom, Alex. I am too old. But it still makes my palms sweat when I think of angling for a date. I always had to ask friends to help me out because I was too tall. One year they fixed me up with a boy who was too heavy. I won't say fat. Anyway, we all went in a big group so it was fun.

I figure the more activities you take part in, the more you get out of high school.


The years pass, and things change, Alex. But I still believe it is wise to take Latin in high school. Now I am overjoyed to read that Latin Days will be held for the first time this spring at the University of North Dakota. They are coming up May 19 and 20.

Apparently there are changes and Concordia College Latin Days are no more. I see your Latin teacher at Red River has information. His email is

When I talked in English to Magister Hawley, he said invitations have been sent out to area high schools for Latin Days at UND.

Sometimes we hear that Latin is dead. I don't think so. It lives in our English language. It lives in medicine and law. It's all around us.

Latin is omni et plus. If any of the older students ask you what that means, you just tell them: It is everything and more.

And so I say pax vobiscum. That means peace be with you.

And I will look for you in the show coming up at Red River. Your friend, Marilyn

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