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Marilyn Hagerty: Easter brings joy to the faithful and bunny to the mall

It's Good Friday. I am thinking the Easter bunny that shows up at Columbia Mall this weekend probably is the same one that has been hopping around my backyard all winter.

That rabbit has a way of getting through and around fences. So I am sure it will make its way all over this weekend with jelly beans and chocolate eggs.

And in this blessed Easter season one of the most beautiful traditions of this area was scheduled again Thursday evening. For 17 years at Bethany Lutheran Church, 6 miles north of East Grand Forks, there has been a reenactment of the Last Supper. Rory Lindquist plays the role of Jesus. And there is a narrator, 12 disciples and words from Pastor Charles "Bud" Johnson.

This Friday with its solemn side is also the most joyful for Christians.


The Easter break from the city schools continues through Monday. And the musical, "Keep the Faith," is coming up next week at Red River High School. Twenty years have passed since THE flood. As time marches on, it is folklore for kids of today.

Folklore for some of the sisters at St. Anne's Guest Home deals with the weather during Holy Week. In the past they have heard that weather on Good Friday predicts the summer weather. Holy Saturday weather is indicative of the coming fall. And Easter Sunday is a sure forecast for the following winter.


Ask Marilyn

Q. What unique license plates have been spotted around here this week?

A. The most clever plates my eyes and extra eyes have seen are: BTMAN, 2WILD4U, TAILORS, YUPAVAN.

Q. What is the North Dakota state bird?

A. The western meadowlark.

Q. When is the Kem Shrine Circus coming to town?

A. It is scheduled here April 28, 29 and 30.


Corey and Sonja

Cheerful people of the week: Corey Mock, Sonja Murray

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