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APPSNAP: OKDOTHIS: A community for photographers

The free iPhone app OKDOTHIS is an idea community for photographers.

Five out of five stars.

Love taking photos, but need some motivation? OKDOTHIS, a free app for iOS, provides an endless supply of inspiration for photographers.

The app is an idea community for photographers, novice and veteran. It provides lists of "DOs," which are ideas or scenarios to photograph. DOs are phrases that include everything from "road trip" to "keys in a lock," to "take a photo of your feet while standing on a diving board."

Under each of the DOs, users can post their own photos. And, like all good social networking sites and apps, users have the ability to like, comment and share others' photos. They can also follow other users, so they never miss a photo from their friends and favorite photographers.

Users can take photos right from the app or use the app to access photos they've already taken.

The DOs are separated into different categories such as art, at home, fashion and funny. DOs are also searchable, so users can find just what they're looking for. And, if they don't see a DO, they can add their own. The app is very collaborative and community based.

The best part of this app, though, is the access it gives its users to other professional photographers, who can critique their work.

Whether you're an amateur or professional photographer, OKDOTHIS is great for connecting with creative people, receiving feedback and getting inspiration for future photos. If you're at all interested in photography, it's definitely worth the free download.

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