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APPSNAP: 99 Dresses: Virtual style swap

The free iPhone app 99 dresses allows users to easily update their wardrobes by shopping each others' closets and swapping clothes with one another.

Four out of five stars.

Tired of old clothes? The free app 99 dresses, available only for iOS, allows users to easily swap their clothes and accessories with others around the globe.

After creating an account, users can list items from their closets that they'd like to swap. The listings include photos, the category of item, brand, size, condition, original price and approximate weight. Users earn buttons for the items they post, which they can redeem for other clothing.

Once an item is listed, other users can like, comment or claim an item. When a user's item is claimed, she'll receive a pre-paid shipping label to send the item to its new owner. If a user gets bored of the new item, she can easily re-list it and claim something new.

The best part of the app is that other than shipping costs, there's no money involved. Everything is claimed with "buttons."

Items are listed in showrooms based on size, quality and category. Users' "liked" items are also put in their own showroom, so the user can easily review items for future reference. Users can create their own showroom with specific brands, sizes and prices. It's easy to use and navigate; and the creators of the app are always available in the chat room to answer any questions.

The app does have its downfalls, though. When viewing a showroom, once a user clicks an item to view the details, she is brought back to the beginning of the list. To return to the item, she has to scroll through all the items again. The app also unexpectedly freezes and shuts down occasionally and it's missing an important search bar feature, which would allow users to easily find specific items.

But, even with a few minor defaults, 99 dresses is more than worth the download to easily update one's wardrobe.

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