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Joe Biden to speak at North Dakota Democratic Convention in Grand Forks

‘The Onion’ pokes fun at N.D., Grand Forks after Miss America win

Miss North Dakota Cara Mund competes in the talent component of the 97th Miss America Competition in Atlantic City, New Jersey. REUTERS/Mark Makela

North Dakota’s Cara Mund not only snagged the crown as the state’s first Miss America on Sunday, she won another important prize.

“Now she can have her pick of any man in Grand Forks,” according to Brad Cutler, golf ball divoter.

That is according to The Onion, anyway. “America’s finest news source,” the long-running satirical newspaper used Mund’s win for a couple of comic jabs at the state Monday. A question about Mund’s win was posed in a fake person-on-the-street interview, a regular Onion feature.

North Dakota has been an Onion target in the past, with articles “North Dakota found to be harboring nuclear missiles” and “North Dakota leads nation in parking availability.”