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AWESOME AUTHORS: 'In New York' a good representation of New York City

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A personal look at New York City

Book: “In New York”

Author/Illustrator: Marc Brown

Marc Brown gives facts about New York and he talks about when he was a child of 8, to be exact. He and his family boarded a train in Erie, Pa., and when he woke up, they were in New York. It was the most exciting city he had ever seen, and he dreamed of living there.

I liked this story because Marc Brown got personal, but not too personal. I thought this book was a good representation of New York City. I recommend this book for people who haven’t been to New York before. I learned some things, but I have been to New York before, so I knew a lot about the city.

—     Adina Weinstein, age 8

Photos help with book’s realness

Book: “Lola and Tiva: An Unlikely Friendship”

Authors: Juliana, Isabella and Craig Hatkoff

Photographer: Peter Greste

This book was about a friendship between a baby rhinoceros and a little girl. The mother rhino couldn’t take care of her baby, so the little girl took care of her and played with her. They shared their days with their friendship.

I liked this story because it was about friendship. I liked the real photos. I think this is a good book for kids to read. It’s a good story, and they can learn about Lola and Tiva’s friendship.

—     Lauryn Brynjulson (age 7)