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BOOK NOTES: 'Beloved Strangers' ... 'In 100 Years' ... 'Your LIfe is Calling'

Grand Forks Public Library

“I Heard My Country Calling” by James Webb. The Vietnam War veteran and former U.S. Senator reflects on his upbringing as a missile kid, his years as a Marine and his career as a writer and public servant.

“Beloved Strangers” by Maria Chaudhuri. A different, but no less American story of a young woman from Bangladesh who leaves home only to find that it has traveled with her in unexpected ways.

“In 100 Years” edited by Ignacio Palacios-Huerta. Ten short essays by leading economists speculate on what our world might look like a century from now. Check out Avinash Dixit’s provocative take on America and its ruinous consumer debt.

“Koko Takes A Holiday” by Kieran Shea. A debut novelist catapults us even further into the future with a science fiction-tinged thriller populated by mercenaries and femmes fatales.

“The People in the Photo” by Hélène Gestern. Quieter, but no less harrowing, this novel unfolds in letters and emails as two strangers try to reconstruct family secrets. “Help me to see clearly,” one dispatch ends.

East Grand Forks Campbell Library

“In My Shoes: A Memoir” by Tamara Mellon is a definitive book for fashion aficionados, aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone who loves a juicy true story about sex, drugs, money, power, high heels and overcoming adversity.

“Your Life is Calling” by Jane Pauley gives voice to the opportunities of Jane’s generation, offering humor and insight about the journey forward. “Your Life is Calling” is a fresh look at ideas that have been simmering since boomers first entered midlife with a different perspective on the future than any generation before: that there was more to come — and perhaps the best of all.

“In His Own Words” by Julie Collazo is a book about Pope Francis, who emphasizes pastoral work with the sick and the poor and always seeks to empower the underdog. This revealing collection of his own words, gathered from sermons, interviews and the Pope’s books, prompts understanding and insight into his way of being and believing.

“On Heaven and Earth” by Jorge Bergoglio. From the man who became Pope Francis, Jorge Mario Bergoglio shares his thoughts on religion, reason and the challenges the world faces in the 21st century with Abraham Skorka, a rabbi and biophysicist.