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AppSnap: White Tile: Simple arcade-style game tests speed, accuracy

Don't Tap the White Tile is a throwback to old school video games.

Don’t Tap the White Tile is a free game for iOS that tests one’s speed and accuracy.

The rules are simple: Tap the lowest black tile and avoid all white tiles.

White Tile is like an old school video game with straight lines, minimal graphics and no color. The screen is split into four-by-four tiles of black and white. And, there are three modes of play: Classic, Arcade and Zen.

In Classic mode, users race to beat their own time. Each time the user taps a black tile, the board shifts up creating a new lowest tile. This mode is for the beginner because the board allows the user to go at their own speed.

On the other hand, the arcade mode is a bit tougher. After the user taps the first black tile, the board will start sliding up, and the more tiles one clicks, the faster the boards move. If a user misses a black tile or hits a white tile, the game is over.

And, in Zen mode, the user is against the clock. Users race a 30-second timer to see how many black tiles they tap before the time runs out.

While the Arcade mode is somewhat challenging and the race to beat your personal record — and better yet your friends’ — is always fun, the game is too simple to keep me entertained for long, which might be a good thing.

Overall, if you’re looking for a quick challenge on your down time, White Tile might be a temporary solution. 

Jasmine Maki
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