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Friends mourn Wyoming men killed in Saturday plane crash near Thief River Falls

BOOK NOTES: 'ProjectKid: 100 Ingenious Crafts for Family Fun'

Grand Forks Public Library

  • “ProjectKid: 100 Ingenious Crafts for Family Fun” by Amanda Kingloff. Use upcycled objects and other everyday materials for hours of creative fun. Step-by-step photographs and basic crafting lessons are included for such projects as a paper towel tube train and an office supply house.
  • “The Promise of a Pencil: How an Ordinary Person Can Create Extraordinary Change” by Adam Braun. A college student with a promising career in Wall Street ahead of him leaves it all behind to start Pencils of Promise, which has built more than two hundred schools around the world.
  • “Fast Exercise: The Simple Secret of High-Intensity Training” by Dr. Michael Mosley with Peta Bee. Use the suggested workouts just 10 minutes a day, three times a week, and they will help you lose weight, improve your health, and add years to your life.
  • “Groundbreaking Food Gardens: 73 Plans That Will Change the Way You Grow Your Garden” by Niki Jabbour. These rich and varied garden designs, from growing gourmet vegetables in pots to planting a rooftop farm, are provided with illustrations, plants lists, and personal stories explaining the motivation behind the design.
  • East Grand Forks Campbell Library

    • “Manufacturing Hysteria: A History of Scapegoating, Surveillance, and Secrecy in Modern America” by Jay Feldman. From the run-up to World War I and its anti-German hysteria to the September 11 attacks and Arizona’s current anti-immigration movement, we see a striking patter of using people’s fears and prejudices to isolate minorities, silence dissent and stem the growth of civil rights and liberties.
    • “Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide” by the Federal Bureau of Investigation applies to all investigative activities and intelligence collection activities conducted by the FBI within the United States or outside the territories of all countries.
    • “The King of Sports: Football’s Impact on America” by Gregg Easterbrook tells the full story of how football became so deeply ingrained in American culture. Both good and bad, he examines its impact on American society at all levels of the game.
    • “Colonel Theodore Roosevelt” by David A. Adler is a portrait of the man who grew from a sickly child into a passionate conservationist, skilled outdoorsman, and Nobel Peace Prize-winning mediator, as well as one of the U.S. s most colorful and energetic presidents.