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THE NERD WORD: Some films people love to hate might deserve another chance

The Nerd Word

One thing I’ve noticed over the years is people love to hate on movies. You know what they say, “Haters gonna hate.” Whether it’s on the Internet, office debates or just in general. Sometimes, they even take it rather personally.

I also noticed the majority of films that receive much of this hate are based on properties that have a very dedicated fan base. They are usually either sequels, based on a book/comic book or remake.

So, I thought I’d take an “unbiased” look at films that maybe shouldn’t be receiving the hate and some that deserve to have the world pile on them.


Before I officially start, I should warn you that I don’t condone most of these movies. They are still bad films. I’m just trying to calm the fire a little bit.

  •  “Daredevil”: This one is interesting because despite some of the hokey scenes, which I feel fall more to the direction versus acting, it still stayed very true to the source material. Big Ben Affleck wasn’t right for the role of our favorite blind lawyer, but I still felt he did a decent job, and Michael Clarke Duncan as the kingpin, despite the uproar of a black actor being cast for a white character, was amazing. If you get a chance, watch the director’s cut of this movie — you may change your mind … a little bit.
  •  “Superman Returns”: “Returns” was dead in the water. Way, way, way too much hype and too much fan boy need. This could have been the best movie ever, and it would have bombed. I for one thought it was pretty good. Yeah, there could have been more action and less story, but the recent “Man of Steel” did that and people still hated on it. Sometimes, there is so much desire for something that people don’t even know what it is they want.
  •  “Terminator: Salvation”: I don’t know why this is hated at all. After the travesty of “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines,” anything they put on the screen should have been liked. We finally got the machine war, we got to see a BA John Conner and a CGI-Arnold. OK, that last one sucked, but the tone and look of this film was great.
  • “The Matrix Reloaded/The Matrix Revolutions”: Despite the fifth-grade CGI and insanely confusing plot, these were still enjoyable films. The fact that it took four years to get the sequels out probably didn’t help, as almost every action film after “The Matrix” replicated the style, some almost better. But I still felt after 300 viewings, I understand what happened now and think they were a good resolution to the series.
  • “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen”: I don’t quite know what people wanted from this movie. It amped up the action a ton. Yeah, the idea of the Fallen was pretty dumb, but at the end of the day, you have to take it for what it is — a bunch of robots. This isn’t a film that will be winning Academy Awards — it’s giant robots fighting with a little bit of story. Michael Bay, you’re OK in my book.


  •  “Spider-man 3”: Funny story. My friend of 14 years sent me a text a little while ago asking if I had seen this. Do you know anything about me? Either way, he said it might be one of the worst movies he had ever seen, which pretty much sums it up. Too much happening, too many villains, just … too much. Uggghhh.
  •  “Star Wars Episode 1-The Phantom Menace”: I remember paying my friends to wait in line for tickets to this movie. I was pumped, but apparently not enough to sleep outside. Hype or not, this movie sucked. It was too kiddy friendly (Jar-Jar anyone). The pod races and Darth Maul were cool, though.
  •  “X-Men: The Last Stand”: Another doomed movie. The director of the first two backed out, so they bring in Brett Ratner — the guy who directed the “Rush Hour” movies? Really? After “X-2,” which is arguably the best superhero movie, this just fell flat for me. Again, this was a movie with too many characters that were underdeveloped. Also, it stomped on some of my fan boy dreams. Yeah, that’s biased, but no one messes with my X-men.
  •  “Batman and Robin”: Batman has nipples? That’s almost enough said. Joel Schumacher took the wackiness of “Batman Forever” and turned it up to 11 here. Batman isn’t wacky. He just isn’t. Also, Arnie’s one-liners were bad even for him. On the bright side, if it wasn’t for this movie we might not have ever gotten the Christopher Nolan trilogy.
  • “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”: This had one moment that I liked … the introduction of Indy. I felt like a kid who found his lost toy under his bed. Then, it was all downhill from there. I didn’t find the alien plotline that ridiculous. We had glowing rocks and a fountain of youth in the past, why are aliens that crazy. The writing and CGI were what ruined it. All I have to say is nuclear fridge. Come on.