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N.D. native wins big on MTV's 'Are You the One?'

Finley native Dillan Ostrom won a share of $1 million on the MTV reality show “Are You the One?” (Special to Forum News Service)2 / 2

In MTV’s season finale of “Are You the One?” on Tuesday, all 20 contestants found their perfect match — Ostrom’s was Coleysia Chestnut, of Selma, Ala. — winning $1 million to split amongst themselves. Ostrom said it was nerve-racking waiting for the final lights at the last match-up ceremony, but he already has a few plans for his share of the pot.

“I plan to take care of my parents a little bit,” he said. “Give them a few shekles, and I’ve actually got a few other things, as well, but I don’t want to disclose them yet because I want them to be a surprise to the people receiving them.”

The extra cash will also help Ostrom with his move to Los Angeles in the next couple of months, where he plans to audition for the Groundlings Comedy School.

“That’s kind of my route right now,” he said. “I kind of want to do sketch comedy.”

Ostrom said he was planning to head out to Los Angeles last year, but the show put his move on hold. Now that the first season of “Are You the One?” has wrapped, he is ready to pursue that next step.

“That’s been my plan from the beginning,” he said. “I wanted to get my degree first. I wanted to get the college experience.”

Although the show delayed his move, Ostrom said he feels very blessed and grateful for the opportunity. Aside from the money, he said he has gained lifelong friendships and some enlightenment.

“When you live with 19 other people, you kind of get enlightened by their lifestyle, and you see how other people live, and it kind of enlightens your own lifestyle,” he said.

He still stays in touch with a few people from the house, and he said those friendships are lifelong.

“I think this type of experience is kind of a building block for that,” he said. “It’s something you went through together … and we’ve all learned from each other and learned from the experience, and that’s something that will never be taken away or duplicated.”

About a month ago, Ostrom reunited with the other contestants for the filming of the reunion episode.

“It was definitely fun getting back together with everybody, kind of seeing how their lives have changed and what they’re up to now,” he said. “Basically, every question that everyone has wanted answered from the beginning of the show until the end, everything is going to be kind of laid out on the table.

“If people tune in and check out the reunion, they will definitely get their questions answered, and hopefully they’ll be entertained as well.”

Fans can catch the reunion episode at 10 p.m. Tuesday on MTV on Grand Forks channel 64.

Jasmine Maki
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