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AREA BOOKS: N.D. native pens ‘Home Again for Autumn and Winter’

“Home Again for Autumn and Winter” by Mary Ann Gadberry

“Home Again for Autumn and Winter” by Mary Ann Gadberry; Knuckledown Press, 2013, 71 pages.

Mary Ann Gadberry has released the latest installment in her Home Again series, titled “Home Again for Autumn and Winter.”

The book follows the theme throughout her series of growing up in a small community in the 1950s and 60s. In the latest installment, Gadberry shares her autumn and wintertime experiences as a young girl in Forman, N.D. Stories like Gadberry’s recollection of winterizing her home by stacking square hay bales around the base of the house or having a brother get into trouble with his new BB gun (he started shooting at his sisters until their mom found out) are sure to transport readers to the past.

Gadberry is the youngest of seven children and grew up in Forman. She has since lived and worked in many cities, including Grand Forks, and published two other memoirs titled “Home Again for Spring and Summer” and “Home Again with Family in a Small Town.” Today, she has come full circle and lives in Forman with her partner, Tom Manley.

If Gadberry had one wish for this series, it would be “that the stories prompt other families to share memories of their past and have those stories documented.” When parents and grandparents are no longer with us, no one will be left to remember what life used to be like.

“Home Again for Autumn and Winter” is available for $2.99 in e-book format at