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Friends mourn Wyoming men killed in Saturday plane crash near Thief River Falls

MARILYN HAGERTY: Wonders of January include CBS 'Sunday Morning'

Longtime Herald columnist Marilyn Hagerty and her review of Olive Garden going viral is the Herald's 2012 story of the year. Grand Forks Herald photo by John Stennes.

Dear Shirley,

Well, I guess I got bumped off CBS 'Sunday Morning' show by Robert Gates. Or something. So if you were watching for me on the show from your television in Tucson, you probably noticed I wasn't there.

There was a message on Twitter from CBS saying the segment they filmed here in Grand Forks will be showing up. The producer sent me a message Wednesday saying my piece should be on this Sunday. Well, I think it is wonderful, Shirley, but I won't hold my breath. I will go on with life along the frozen Red River of the North where there are snowmobile tracks.

I will not whimper. After all, this whole experience of going viral has been like a wild dream. A dream that has lasted almost two years. (Editor's note: Sunday Morning is on at 8 a.m. on CBS in the Red River Valley.)

I see that your Arizona basketball team is tops in the nation. Wow! It must be exciting.

Our North Dakota women are at the top of the Big Sky League right now. They have five wins, no losses. And they are playing Montana here this evening. I hope Madi Buck will be feeling fit and frisky and that the team rallies around this senior from Bismarck.

The men's team has a mountain to climb, but I wouldn't count them out. They are too spunky. They have games at Montana and Montana State this week. And that won't be a piece of cake.

Around here, the biggest wonder of the day is who will win the Henry Havig award to community leadership award tonight at the Chamber of Commerce dinner. I know that Mike Jacobs, the Herald publisher, will be keynote speaker. The Chamber says he will bring his wit and wisdom. The event will be at the Alerus Center. And Chamber chairman Jeff Wilson will pass the gavel on to Chris Wolf.

There are other wonders that surround me today, Shirley.

• I wonder how many children were sliding down the side of the snow covered dike at Lincoln Park Sunday. And I wonder where they found all of those colorful plastic sliding gadgets that are a far cry from the sleds we used to see.

• I wonder why I don't get busy and clean a couple drawers in January.

• I wonder what that announcer at the UND basketball games at the Betty Engelstad Sioux Center is saying. Does he know we can't understand a word of it?

• I wonder how Themis, the Goddess of Justice, is doing atop the Grand Forks County Courthouse. I wonder her hands are cold.

Well, that's it for this week. Let me know what you wonder about down there on the Arizona desert.

Love from your sister, Marilyn, always full of wonder and eating too many Goodbars on the west bank of the Red River of the North.

P.S. Friends are grieving along with family this week over the death of Joanne Baglien. We were on the same bowling team and both new in Grand Forks in 1957. She was fun and she was smart. And another friend has gone on ahead.

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