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VIDEO: Warren, Minn., man wrestles deer out of his home

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A big surprise for a Warren, MN man when he had to wrestle a deer out of his home.

60-year-old Jon Linnell was sound asleep Tuesday around 5:45 AM, when he heard, what he says sounded like an earthquake. His wife woke him up and told him there was a deer in their home.

Jon estimates the doe was about 3 1/2 years old and about 135 pounds.

He found her leaping through his living room after crashing through the sliding glass door. After tearing the living room apart, the hunter/fisherman was eventually able to tackle the deer, grab her by the legs and drag her out of the house into 18 below temperatures. In his words, it was "crazy."

Linnell said, "So the first thing that came to mind was I had to stop this deer from thrashing and busting everything up. When I came down the steps I saw that it had turned so I tried to tackle it, of course I was wrestling it, seemed like an eternity but it may have been 15 minutes from beginning to end."

Linnell did get the deer out of the house and contacted the Game Warden. The deer was tracked and found to be okay.