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Turtle River park hosts mountain bike race Saturday

Morgan Porath speeds through Turtle River State Park for the halloween themed "END-Tombed" 12 hour mountain bike race Saturday . photo by Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald

TURTLE RIVER STATE PARK, N.D. -- The costume ceased to be entertaining after the first mile.

The leather cowboy chaps, weighing about five pounds on each leg, felt like a lot more than that with each pedaling motion.

Lee Hetletved regretted his decision.

"That was my biggest mistake, dressing up as a cowboy," he said as he dried his sweat-soaked shirt in front of a fireplace at a park lodge on Saturday. "I didn't think about it until a mile in."

The 40-year-old from Bismarck was one of just less than 100 riders and more than a dozen teams who biked in the END-TOMBED (Extreme North Dakota Twelve Hour Mountain Bike or Enduring Delirium) race.

Got that?

Basically, riders had 12 hours Saturday to see how many laps they could complete on a 10-mile track. So, yes, some were delirious. And some, like Hetletved, raced in costume.

He made it around the track four times before hitting his "max."

His strategy?

"Suck wind.

"I just take as many long, deep breaths as I can."

Hetletved's daughter, Kinley, 11, expected to race at least two laps as a member of a team of sixth-graders. Her younger sister, Hatley, 6, hoped to make two laps as well.

"I'm trying to do something to teach them to stay in shape," Hetletved said.

Kinley does plenty. Along with putting at least 20 miles in on a bike Saturday, she barrel-races back home and is an archer. If compound bows are allowed in Olympic competition, as Kinley hopes, watch out.

"My goal is to be in the 2020 games," she said.

But first, those 20 miles with dad.

"It was quite funny," Kinley said, recalling her dad's cowboy get-up.

He remembered it differently.

"It wasn't funny for very long."

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