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TALKIN WITH DOKKEN: Minnesota crossbow bill

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Q. I have been trying to get an update on Minnesota Bill SF 2018, which would allow people over the age of 60 to use a crossbow during the archery season(s). Do you know if it passed, failed or where it is in the process?


A. It took a few minutes hunting on the Minnesota Legislature’s website, but the crossbow proposal has been rolled into the Senate’s version of the Omnibus Game and Fish Bill, SF 2227. The wide-ranging policy bill numbers some 30 pages and contains a variety of hunting- and fishing-related proposals.

The House version of the Omnibus Game and Fish Bill, HF 2852, has no mention of the crossbow language so I checked in with Bob Meier, director of government relations for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in St. Paul, to see if he had any insights into the crossbow measure and where it might be headed.

While the crossbow language is not included in the House bill, Meier said he thinks it will make the cut when House and Senate conferees meet to reconcile differences between the two bill versions that ultimately pass the two legislative bodies.

“I think it should be picked up in conference committee,” Meier said in an email. “It should pass the Senate no problem, and we have not seen any opposition to it.”

To see all of the language in SF 2227, go to; the House version of the bill, HF 2852, is available at

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