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Spirit Lake official wins recall vote

The tribal secretary of the Spirit Lake Nation kept her seat on the tribal council following a recall vote Friday.

The effort to unseat Nancy Greene-Robertson was the third recall vote on the reservation this year. She won the vote 260-156.

Petitioners for Robertson's removal questioned whether she had the right Sioux ancestry to be a tribal member and claimed she denied social impact payments to tribal members, something she said she can't do.

"I don't have that say. That's the council's say, and it's actually profit from the casino. I have no control over that," she said.

Tribal members say this recall election wasn't necessarily about Nancy Greene-Robertson, but rather about a larger power struggle that's been going on for years on the reservation.

Former Chairman Roger Yankton Sr. was recalled in July. Newly elected council member Mardell Lewis survived a recall last month.

Tribal Chairman Leander "Russ" McDonald said he hoped the council was done with recalls for a while, but other tribal members predicted Friday that there would be another recall election within a month.