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School Board president should go on the radio

GRAND FORKS — Regarding the recent column by Grand Forks School Board President Vicki Ericson, I have some comments (“Facts refute critic of GF Schools’ administration,” Page A4, Feb. 8).

President Reagan famously said, “There you go again,” when an opponent misstated his positions. Ms. Ericson, there you go again, misstating what C.T. Marhula said.

Readers may not be aware that Ericson called twice when Marhula was a guest on KNOX-AM Radio 1310 on Thursday. After quarreling with host Jarrod Thomas and saying Marhula didn’t have the facts, she hung up. A few minutes later, she called back and said she would come on the show with the facts.

To Ms. Erickson, I say: Thomas and the public are waiting. Please show up in person, by yourself and without the administration. You should be able to answer the questions from the public.

Readers should be aware Ericson not only voted for the full 28 percent tax increase but also voted against the compromise engineered by School Board Members Kelly Hogness and Rebecca Grandstrand.

At first, an accountant friend of mine said he thought Marhula was wrong when Marhula referred to the $6 million deficit. But then after reviewing the data on the web, my friend said it looked like the district is mentioning only its General Fund decrease, which everyone acknowledges.

The 2012-13 Building Fund budget had a beginning balance of $1.1 million and an ending balance of ($5.76) million. It appears the actual fund balance decreases for 2012-13 were more than $12 million.

While I could refute Ericson’s other points, I look forward to her one-hour appearance on the radio and, later, a discussion with Marhula for two hours on Thomas’ show.

Lisa Carney