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Mrs. Meyer’s aroma-therapeutic, earth-friendly multi-surface everyday cleaner

REVIEW: Mrs. Meyer’s isn’t so sweet

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accent Grand Forks, 58203
Grand Forks North Dakota 375 2nd Ave. N. 58203

Do you want your entire home to reek of gasoline-coated flowers? Then Mrs. Meyer’s aroma-therapeutic, earth-friendly multi-surface everyday cleaner is the product for you.


While this product comes in several supposedly nose-friendly scents, I purchased the lavender-scented bottle solely because it’s a smell I like.

The product is marketed as “aroma-therapeutic,” but one squirt of the purple liquid filled the room not with the calming scent of lavender, but with lavender’s crazy red-headed cousin with a criminal record and a drug problem.

Seriously, I’d recommend a gas mask.

Cleaning various surfaces throughout my apartment proved an easy task for Mrs. Meyer’s; my counters sparkled, my windowsills gleamed and my bathroom was nearly spotless. The problem was that even though everything felt and looked clean, it reeked of chemical flora and made me feel like I needed to clean again just to get rid of the smell.

On top of the fumes, the pungent spray leaves streaks on glass and isn’t tough enough to tackle much more than the occasional spill or layer of dust on that coffee table where you keep those books you always tell people you’re going to read. I still had to break out the bleach for most surfaces in my bathroom.

I’d recommend the product to people with nasal congestion, as I’m sure it would clear that sinus pressure right up. I’m going to stick to good old-fashioned Windex and Formula 409.

Grade: D

Price: $4.26 at Target