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REVIEW: Aloe vera cools sunburned skin

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REVIEW: Aloe vera cools sunburned skin
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Ow. Gah. Ah.

These are the sounds I have made walking the past few days. Apparently, when you have a fair skin complexion like I do, tanning your snow-white feet in the summer sun for several hours burns them like my last foray in the kitchen.

There is an assortment of lotions and the like for soothing a tough sunburn, but I’ve found nothing better than aloe vera itself. I’ve seen many brands put out the soothing green goo in a bottle, but why not give a store brand a try?

A quick hobble through Target left me with aloe vera from the store brand Up & Up. Sixteen ounces will last me a lifetime, but the package set the bar high, saying it will provide an “after sun aaaaah.”

It did the job, providing that familiar soothing tingle as soon as applied to sunburned skin. For an even more pronounced “aaaaah,” refrigerate the whole container.

At $2.99, it was less expensive than other brands, but it still provided the much-needed relief.


Grade: A

Target, $2.99

Robb Jeffries
Robb Jeffries is a Twin Cities-based journalist for Forum News Service. He is a graduate of the University of North Dakota. Reach him at