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Professional, responsive district works hard for children

GRAND FORKS — I am writing as a parent of three children in the Grand Forks Public Schools to express my confidence and appreciation for our system as a whole — the School Board, district administrators, teachers and staff.

Having had children at every level of the system (elementary, middle and high school), I have been very pleased with their experiences as well as my experience as a parent.

Not only have I experienced professionalism at every level, but when I have had an occasional concern (not often), I have been met with an open door, a listening ear and a satisfactory response.

I also very much appreciate our district’s openness to hearing from the public through the open forums, like the one just recently held. The leadership has expressed a true interest in the public’s opinion of everything from the school calendar to the number of schools required and their location.

I have the privilege of working with district leaders, including Superintendent Larry Nybladh and Assistant Superintendent Jody Thompson, on several professional committees and collaborations. I’ve been impressed with their dedication to not only their students and staff but also our community as a whole.

We are working together in innovative and collaborative ways to reduce violence and improve health in ways that will affect this community and leave a legacy for generations to come.

I am proud to live in a community with a strong school system, caring administrators and teachers and impressive collaboration among systems and professions. Is there room for improvement? Of course, as there is with all systems and organizations in our community.

But the way to improve things is to keep being open to feedback, voicing concerns in constructive ways and building strong and collaborative relationships.

I appreciate the district’s ability to do all of these things and more. Thanks for your hard work, Grand Forks Public Schools.

Kristi Hall-Jiran