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TRESemme Freshstart Dry Shampoo

PRODUCT REVIEW: TRESemme Freshstart Dry Shampoo

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With straight blonde hair, it’s very obvious when I haven’t shower. The dirtier my hair is the darker it appears. It’s unfortunate, but it’s my reality. Another reality is that some mornings I just don’t have time for a shower, so I recently turned to dry shampoo as a solution.


For just $5 at Target, I tried TRESemme Freshstart Dry Shampoo.

In a hurry, I sprayed my hair, massaged a little and sprayed some more. The product dusted my hair with a white powder and left it feeling chalky and gross. Disappointed, I threw my hair in a pony tail with a headband and called it good.

But, I was determined to make this product work, so I tried again, and again. Eventually, I learned the “secrets” of using dry shampoo — follow the directions and don’t overdo it.

Holding the bottle farther from my head while I sprayed helped reduce the white powder and chalky feeling. And, really massaging the product into the roots and scalp helped create a cleaner look and feel.

While nothing leaves your hair feeling as fresh and clean as a good wash, TRESemme Freshstart Dry Shampoo provides a solution for those time-crunched mornings.

Grade: C+