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PRODUCT REVIEW: Colgate Total Advance mouthwash

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PRODUCT REVIEW: Colgate Total Advance mouthwash
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PRICE: $4.99 for 16.9-ounce bottle at Target


Brand loyalty is a fickle thing. Just think of the divides that happen when you find out a friend is a Coke person instead of a Pepsi person, or the silly arguments that happen between smart, sane people about everything from milk to footwear to vehicles.

Oral care is no different. I've been a Crest guy since I was a kid. But, with student loans hampering my budget, I picked up a bottle of Colgate Total Advance mouthwash when I spotted a sale at Target.

Shockingly enough, the world continued to spin, and pigs did not fly. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised with the taste and smoothness of the Colgate mouthwash. I have sensitive teeth, and some of the more aggressive mouthwashes (i.e., the ones that contain alcohol) can make using mouthwash a pain. Not only is this mouthwash alcohol-free, but the "spearmint surge" flavor actually makes me hesitant to spit it out. It also comes in "peppermint blast" and "wintermint rush" flavors, if spearmint isn't your thing.

The smaller 8.4 ounce bottle is a good deal at $2.99 at Target, while a bigger 33.8 ounce bottle costs $5.99.

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Robb Jeffries
Robb Jeffries is a Twin Cities-based journalist for Forum News Service. He is a graduate of the University of North Dakota. Reach him at