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North Dakota bankruptcies

News Grand Forks,North Dakota 58203
Grand Forks Herald
North Dakota bankruptcies
Grand Forks North Dakota 375 2nd Ave. N. 58203

Angela L. Gerle, Minot, Chapter 7.

Jesse and Frieda S. Banning, also known as Frida Schroder, Chapter 13.

Sheila Marie Baumgartner, Fargo, Chapter 7.

Allan and Virginia Eisenzimmer, formerly doing business as Paul’s Appliance Center, Devils Lake, Chapter 13.

Eric Christian and Amanda Janae Beers, also known as Amanda Bentz, Bismarck, Chapter 7.

Arlene Kaye Hammond, Bismarck, Chapter 7.

Patty Jo Payne, also known as Patty Jo Englund, West Fargo, Chapter 7.

Keith Charles Hatfield, also known as Keith Hillriegel, Fargo, Chapter 7.

Lynn Scott and Rhonda Ann Donaldson, Jamestown, Chapter 7.

Kelvin Thomas and Ashley Anne Efterfield, formerly known as Ashley Ekstrom, Wheatland, Chapter 7.

Daniel Pederson, Jamestown, Chapter 7.

Wendel Allan and Melinda Jo Geir, formerly known as Melinda Goss and Melinda Davison, Milton, Chapter 7.

Chapter 7 is a petition to liquidate assets and discharge debts.

Chapter 11 is a petition for protection from creditors and to reorganize.

Chapter 12 is a petition for family farmers to reorganize.

Chapter 13 is a petition for wage earners to readjust debts.