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Mayville theater faces setback

The Delchar movie theater in Mayville, N.D., recently experienced a setback in its plan to pay for digital equipment.

An anticipated federal economic development grant fell through, leaving Delchar owners Steve and Laurel Larson $40,000 shy of the $60,000 required.

However, the leader of the Save the Delchar Committee said there's hope that private donations will provide what's needed.

"I might be looking at the world through rose-colored glasses, but the initial response has been real positive," Tom Capouch said. "From talking to local people, I believe we can pick up the balance.

"As one guy told me, 'let's draw the line in the sand over the theater.' It's needed as a community gathering point because it's good, healthy fun for the kids."

Steve Larson said the family business of 26 years "has been a labor of love to keep going because we make only about $2,000 in good years.

"My wife (Laurel) says it's kind of a community service."

-- Ryan Bakken