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Library needs central location, not 42nd Street

GRAND FORKS — I fully support a new library. In fact, I voted for it when we had the chance.

I was shocked to hear 42nd Street mentioned as a location possibility. Libraries have nothing to do with events, entertainment, visitors, eating or shopping. People go to libraries to get books, movies and other materials for their personal use at home or related to school work.

Public libraries should be in a central location related to homes. A 42nd Street location would require most people to drive through some of the busiest commercial areas in town.

Personally, I think the current location is very central for most users. It is off of a convenient main street but not right in the traffic. You could close the street in front of the library and use the lot across from it. Perhaps one or more nearby buildings could be bought and demolished for more space. The library could be two stories. There are a lot of options.

And if the library is not to be at its current location, please make it central to most of the housing in Grand Forks. Would locating it in front of the Grand Cities Mall with shared parking ever be possible?

My main point is this: I just can’t imagine going to 42nd Street to the library. What a hassle.